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Maybe you are you looking for a truly original gift for a special occasion?

Here you can offer a luxury calendar for collectors, militaria lovers, Vets or simply for yourself.

The famous Sherman tank located on the Mc Auliffe place in Bastogne. Recently refurbished by "earth component" belgian Army "arsenal de Rocourt".

The Mardasson American memorial,tribute of Belgium to the heroes of the American army during World War 2,specially dedicated to the troopers of the 101th Airborne division (who) participated in the fights of the defence perimeter of Bastogne during the second world war, in the winter 44, during the Battle of the Bulge.Photos and artistic interpretations by Guy Vandervoort.First limited edition(publishing).

Year 2009. In English.

Calendar 2009 - pictures of Bastogne

Photos taken around Celles-Lez-Dinant duruing a remake of the Battle of the Ardennes and selected to make a splendid "Vintage" calendar, 2009 edition . Now, you can offer a luxury calendar for collectors,"militaria lovers, Vets or simply for yourself.

Calendar 2009 Celles 44 (Battle of the Bulge)

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